October 26, 2009

Kevin Gillen Q3 Philadelphia Commentary

Kevin Gillen Q3 Commentary – Philadelphia Real Estate ECONSULT CORPORATION – Philadelphia Housing Recovery Sputters in Q3 By Kevin Gillen PhD, 10/26/09 Mixed news on sales, prices. The most recent home sales figures suggest a slowing in the momentum of the housing market’s attempt to recover from its current slump. Following the first quarterly increase in citywide house prices after two […]
June 2, 2009

Wikipedia Short Sale Primer

A short sale primer for the Philadelphia home buyer compliments of Wikipedia A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of debts secured by liens against the property and the property owner cannot afford to repay the liens full amounts, whereby the lien holders agree […]
January 1, 2009

$7,500 Federal First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

Philadelphia Real Estate – $7,500 Federal First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Here’s a summary of the credit from a Forbes article by Ashlea Ebeling: President George W. Bush signed a massive housing rescue package The new law contains high profile help for home giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for homeowners who took out mortgages they can’t afford and […]
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