If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re thinking of moving to Philadelphia. That’s already a great life decision. The City of Brotherly Love is filled with history and cultural significance, along with a welcoming and diverse population. The City of Brotherly Love is often known as “a city of neighborhoods” owing to the fact that different areas of the city have distinct atmospheres and grooves. Some are great for kids, others make fantastic homes for young singles, and there are places that tend to be popular with the aging population. But what if you are looking for a solid investment in a Philadelphia home where the neighborhood is burgeoning and home prices are a safe bet for resale or rental income? Read on to find out about the most “investable” neighborhoods in Philly, particularly in the much-desired corridor of Center City.


Washington Square West

WSW is actually a collective of three distinctive sub-neighborhoods: Washington Square itself, Midtown Village, and Philly’s Gayborhood. Geographically, it is a bridge between the historic quarter of the city and downtown. Within, Jewelers’ Row and the Historic Antique Row make for some of Philly’s priciest, most rarified shopping. Trendy boutiques and restaurants make it a great place to live and work. It is notable for being the home of the Philadelphia Ballet.


Queen Village

Today’s Queen Village sits on the site of the former Southwark, the first suburb of Philadelphia. It’s one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, but it is full of youthful energy as growing families replace the glut of senior residents that overwhelmed the population until fairly recently. A historically large Irish-American population has colored Queen Village’s culture, which is thriving today with trendy bistros and plenty of opportunities for fun. The gorgeous vintage architecture is a draw for arriving homeowners.


Fishtown/Northern Liberties

Two adjacent neighborhoods that are almost too trendy for their own good, these are the up-and-coming hotspots in Philadelphia. Fishtown and NoLibs, as it is affectionately called, are hotbeds for music, art, food, and people that are on the verge of bursting into the mainstream. Life is fun here, and allows residents to experience the excitement of a big city within the close, familiar boundaries of home. A former manufacturing district, these neighborhoods are now home to the dreamers, the artists, and the tastemakers of Philadelphia.

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