These are some of the best neighborhoods in Philly in which to raise a family.

If you are moving to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, and are looking for the best neighborhoods for families, you’ve probably done some Googling already. What you don’t need me to tell you is that there are lots of amazing places in Philly to bring up kids, giving them a lifestyle rich in culture, a great education, and proximity to parks and green space where they can play. While the list of Philadelphia’s best neighborhood for families is a matter of contention depending on whom you ask, there is a lot of overlap on those top search hits. In no particular order, here are some of the city’s top nabes for raising a brood.

Bella Vista:

Bella Vista made Niche.com’s runner-up spot for “Best Neighborhoods to Live In Philadelphia Area,” and it’s a great place for families. Several top-rated public schools, including Julia R. Masterman Secondary School (voted the second-best public high school in Pennsylvania), Central High School, the Science Leadership Academy, and Carver High School are located in this area. Bella Vista has become something of a magnet for young families in recent years, families who have taken to updating the neighborhood’s smaller, older houses into hip and comfortable homes. The area is known for its varied and diverse restaurant scene as well. Discover the reasons to move your family to Bella Vista.

Queen Village:

Giving a suburban, accessible feel in the midst of the big city, Queen Village is an excellent choice for young families seeking a nest. As Philadelphia Magazine put it, “Sure, the neighborhood has nice homes, Meredith Elementary School and Weccacoe Playground, but it also boasts easy access to Target, Ikea, Old Navy and other great shopping along Columbus Blvd. vital to surviving those early childhood years.” Where else in Philly can you get such nearness to the essentials? These family-friendly listings in Queen Village will make a perfect Philly home!

Fitler Square:

Consider it the laid-back version of Philadelphia’s famous Rittenhouse Square. Pretty and ideally accessible, Fitler Square encapsulates a fantastic grade school (Greenfield Elementary School), the Lombard Swim Club, and the Schuylkill River Park, meaning that it is the perfect neighborhood for not only a great education, but fit bodies as well. You’ll also quickly feel part of the neighborhood by heading to the Saturday Farmer’s Market – the whole community usually turns out weekly! Dig through the homes for sale in Filter Square.

Chestnut Hill:

Other than being absolutely gorgeous – the scenery is to die for, seriously – Chestnut Hill boasts both one of the lowest crime rates and also the highest per-capita income in Philadelphia. For the well-heeled looking for a place where they feel safe frolicking after dark, this is where you want to be. The homes here have wide lawns and Insta-worthy landscaping, along with houses designed by some of history’s most-notable architects. Homes here are pricey, but that’s what you pay to be so close to boutiques and shops, easily accessible by public transportation, and in one of Philadelphia’s most diversity-friendly neighborhoods.


According to Movoto.com: “When it comes to playing outside, Manayunk can’t be beat. It has more parks per capita than any other neighborhood, plus the Manayunk Canal and Tow Path, where you can go for a run, walk, or just play tag with your kids.” A full 70 percent of the households here have kids, so there will always be someone to play with. If you are looking to expand your family by a four-legged friend, there is also the fact that Manayunk is considered one of the most dog-friendly neighborhoods in Philly!

So, there you have it. I could go on and on naming great neighborhoods for families in Philadelphia, because this list is just a sampling. Whether you come for the “four seasons” weather experience (cold winters, hot summers, cherry blossoms in the spring, and crinkling leaves in the fall), the sports, the amazing job opportunities, or the unmatched “big city” experience, Philadelphia is a great place to bring family members both old and young.

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