Which one of Philadelphia's neighborhoods is right for you?

Philadelphia is known as a “city of neighborhoods.” Different areas of Philly are quite distinct from one another, owing to unique characteristics that draw residents to them. Philly as a whole is a city with a lot to offer, but certain neighborhoods are particularly trendy, whether they appeal to young professionals, growing families, grad students, or well-heeled singles. How does one go about finding a condo in the right neighborhood? This should give you a few ideas about where to start your search, and what condo buildings might appeal to you.

Question 1: Who are you?

Knowing what demographic you fit into as a buyer can help you find the right neighborhood so you can be surrounded by other people like you. Aftre all, if you have a young family, you want other kids to play with, right? Your ideal neighborhood (sidewalks, local parks, more strollers than bikes) is going to differ from that of a college grad looking to buy their first place, and who wants access to bars, restaurants, and entertainment within walking distance. Do you have a car? Philadelphia on the whole is a very walkable city, but some areas are more doable for someone with no wheels than others. Are you a student, or the employee of a large company? Maybe you’ll want to be surrounded by your classmates or fellow coworkers. This is your biggest factor in picking a neighborhood.

Question 2: What are you looking for?

What amenities are you looking for in a home? This question will play a large role in finding a condo in Philly that’s right for you. Do you want to live in a building that’s tricked out with all the perks, like on-site security, a parking garage with assigned spaces, an indoor pool, and a gym? Or are yiou okay with a walk-up that’s close to a SEPTA station? Are you comfortable with a very hands-on condo association, or do you prefer a laissez-faire attitude? Reading through the condo profiles will help you get an idea of what matches your needs.

The Next Step: Neighborhoods

The following neighborhoods are some of Philly’s trendiest. Where do you want to live?

Bella Vista

Sought-after by families because of its exceptional public school catchment, Bella Vista is a neighborhood on the grow. voted it the best place to live in Philadelphia last year, taking into account its tree-lined streets and great “bang for your buck” value. Bella Vista condos are a great mix of lofts, like the Fitzwater Lofts. Each unit there comes with either a large porch or a fenced back yard, which is ideal for kids. Exposed brick and hardwood floors impart a feeling of home from the moment you step in the door. Or check out the great-value Hawthorne Lofts, which were converted from an old school house and feature an on-site gym and parking.

Rittenhouse Square

It doesn’t get hotter in Philadelphia real estate than the Ritt. One of the original Philadelphia “squares” laid out by William Penn himself, Rittenhouse Square today is full of luxe lodgings with plenty of hips shops, pubs, restaurants, and nightlife options. For the well-off single person, it doesn’t get better than this. Rittenhouse Plaza is a condo building with plenty of floor space, designer kitchen fixtures, and elegant interior architecture. Located at the northwest corner of 19th and Walnut Street, it’s directly across from the square. Or experience the height of gracious living at The Barclay. The site of a former luxury hotel, the building now boasts Barclay Prime, a highly-ranked steakhouse.

Fitler Square

Fitler Square has been on the ascent since the 1950s, when the city took it on as a large-scope improvement project. With its proximity to Rittenhouse Square and University City, Fitler Square’s appeal is location, location, location. If you like a small, intimate building, check out Riverpark Condominiums, with its seven units featuring high ceilings, state-of-the-art kitchens, and European-designed bathrooms. For a home that will reflect the elegance of Center City, visit Chandler Place. Formerly a grand mansion, it is now a condo building sporting meticulously restored architectural elements and preservation of the generous interior space. Period luxury is within reach here.

Graduate Hospital

Named after a large medical institution that no longer exists, Grad Hospital was named the hottest Philadelphia neighborhood by Curbed Philadelphia in 2016. The neighborhood, also known as “G. Ho,” is an epicenter of trendy urban living, perfect for the young DINKS and single professionals looking for proximity to Center City. Naval Square distinguishes itself right from the first appearance with a grand set of gates, and keeps on impressing with an outdoor pool, fitness center, and community center.

Hopefully this has given you a nudge in the right direction towards picking the perfect Philly neighborhood for you!

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