Philadelphia Condos

Want to find the condominium with the only true five-star resident services in the city?  Or the condo with the best pool?  How about which condo has the finest amenities?  CenterCityTeam has got you covered with the best selection of Philadelphia condos on the market!  Welcome to our comprehensive Condo Directory featuring hundreds of listings in all of Philadelphia’s most famous luxury condominium buildings.  We make finding the right condo a breeze by breaking down each listing by building, neighborhood, and type. Click on a building to find more information such as the history, the amenities, nearby attractions, schools, and more!  Click on a Condo Name or Condo Image to view building specific details, real time listing data or to schedule a showing.  Have any questions or interested in learning more about a listing?  Allow the Center City Real Estate specialists at CenterCityTeam help you with all of your local real estate needs.

Condo Directory

Condominium NameAddressProperty TypeNeighborhood
North 28 Condominiums1238 North 28th StreetCondoArt Museum Area
The Philadelphian2401 Pennsylvania AvenueCondoArt Museum Area
The Colonnade1601 Spring Garden StreetCondoArt Museum Area
Parks Edge Lofts844 North 29th StreetCondoArt Museum Area
The Tivoli Townhouse Condominium1900 Hamilton StreetCondoArt Museum Area
2601 Parkway Condominiums2601 Pennsylvania AvenueCondoArt Museum Area
Lofts at Logan View1666 Callowhill StreetCondosArt Museum Area
Citiview Condominiums2001 Hamilton StreetCondoArt Museum Area
Stetson Mansion1717 Spring Garden StreetCondosArt Museum Area
Hamilton Circle Townhomes1-50 Hamilton CircleTownhomesArt Museum Area
Symphony House440 South Broad StreetCondoAvenue of the Arts
Randall Schoolhouse Condominiums915 Bainbridge StreetCondoBella Vista
Catharine Street Lofts639-41 Catharine StreetCondoBella Vista
Hawthorne Lofts712 South 12th StreetCondoBella Vista
Bella Vista Lofts1101 Washington AvenueCondoBella Vista
Fitzwater Lofts735 South 12th StreetCondoBella Vista
TenTen Race1010 Race StreetCondoChinatown
1027 Arch Street Lofts1027 Arch StreetCondoChinatown
Grandview Condominiums1100 Vine StreetCondoChinatown
Pearl Condos111 North 9th StreetCondoChinatown
Lofts at The Winston1010 Arch StreetCondosChinatown
Arch Street Exchange1230 Arch StreetCondoChinatown
Shackamaxon Court1227 Shackamaxon StreetCondoFishtown
Steel Factory Lofts1524 North Hancock StreetCondoFishtown
Memphis Flats1714 Memphis StreetCondoFishtown
The Nine1702-1718 Tulip StreetTownhomesFishtown
Riverpark Condominiums251 South 24th StreetCondoFitler Square
Locust on The Park201 South 25th StreetCondoFitler Square
Chandler Place Condos251 South 22nd StreetCondoFitler Square
207 S. 24th St207 South 24th StreetCondoFitler Square
Naval Square2420 Grays Ferry AvenueCondoGraduate Hospital
Webster Mills Townhomes2633 Catharine StreetTownhomeGraduate Hospital
2400 South St2400 South StreetCondosGraduate Hospital
428 North 13th Street428 North 13th StreetCondoLoft District
429 North 13th Street429 North 13th StreetCondoLoft District
511 Condominium Residences511 North Broad StreetCondoLoft District
Beaux Arts Lofts1238 Callowhill StreetCondoLoft District
Old Shoe Factory Lofts314 North 12th StreetCondoLoft District
Murano Condominium2101 Market StreetCondoLogan Square
The Phoenix1600-18 Arch StreetCondoLogan Square
2201 Cherry Street2201 Cherry StreetCondoLogan Square
2200 Arch Street2200 Arch StreetCondoLogan Square
Mode7 Townhomes134 North 22nd StreetTownhomesLogan Square
Rivers Edge Condominium2301 Cherry StreetCondosLogan Square
The Arches100 North 22nd StreetCondosLogan Square
The Watermill at Manayunk100 Leverington AvenueCondoManayunk
Waterfront Square901 North Penn StreetCondoNorthern Liberties
The Metro Lofts314 Brown StreetCondoNorthern Liberties
Cobblestone Court1027-31 North 4th StreetCondoNorthern Liberties
Fairmount Quarters423-31 Fairmount AvenueCondoNorthern Liberties
American Loft717 North American StreetCondoNorthern Liberties
CU257257 North 2nd StreetCondoNorthern Liberties
333 Green333 Green StreetCondoNorthern Liberties
L'eau Condominium603 North American StreetCondosNorthern Liberties
Thin Flats145-151 Laurel StreetTownhomesNorthern Liberties
The Castings130 North Bread StreetCondoOld City
York Square319 Vine StreetCondoOld City
234-38 North 3rd Street234-38 North 3rd StreetCondoOld City
The Winne Building38 North Front StreetCondoOld City
The National at Old City115 North 2nd StreetCondoOld City
The Beaumont Condominiums110 South Front StreetCondoOld City
Letitia Lofts10 South Letitia StreetCondoOld City
Bridgeview Place315 New StreetCondoOld City
Lofts@209209 Cuthbert StreetCondoOld City
Lager House Condos214 New StreetCondosOld City
Station House Condominium323 Race StreetCondosOld City
306 Cherry St306 Cherry StreetCondosOld City
The Bank Building421 Chestnut StreetCondoOld City
River Church50 North Front StreetCondosOld City
Textile Flats36 Strawberry StreetCondosOld City
Malt House Condos136 North 2nd StreetCondosOld City
The Chocolate Factory53 North Mascher StreetCondosOld City
Churchview Commons102 Church StreetCondoOld City
444 Lofts444 North 4th StreetCondoOld City
22 Front22 South Front StreetCondoOld City
101 Walnut101 Walnut StreetCondoOld City
The Arch Condominium315 Arch StreetCondoOld City
The Commons at New Street246 North 3rd StreetCondoOld City
The Essex300 North 3rd StreetCondoOld City
Old City 108108 Arch StreetCondoOld City
Customs House Condominiums6-10 Strawberry StreetCondoOld City
Pier 3 Condominium3 North Columbus Blvd.CondoOld City
Metroclub Condominiums201 North 8th StreetCondoOld City
The Moravian143 South 2nd StreetCondoOld City
Cooks Row Condominium104 North 2nd StreetCondoOld City
The Wireworks301 Race StreetCondoOld City
The Nouveau122 New StreetCondoOld City
Hoopskirt Factory Lofts309-313 Arch StreetCondoOld City
Queenswalk Townhomes507-23 Montrose StreetTownhomesQueen Village
School House Condos246 Fitzwater StreetCondoQueen Village
Weccacoe Flats817-19 South 5th StreetCondoQueen Village
Acme Piano Condos201 Queen StreetCondoQueen Village
The Wanamaker House2020 Walnut StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
The Warwick1701 Locust StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
The Dorchester226 West Rittenhouse SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
William Penn House1919 Chestnut StreetCo-opRittenhouse Square
The Packard Grande111 South 15th StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
The Residences at Two Liberty Place50 South 16th StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
Parc Rittenhouse225 South 18th StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
The Rittenhouse Hotel210 West Rittenhouse SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
1920 Chestnut Street1920 Chestnut StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
RiverWest Condominiums2101 Chestnut StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
The Ellington1500 Chestnut StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
The Chelsea1515 Locust StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
2000 Delancey Place2000 Delancey PlaceCondoRittenhouse Square
1706 Rittenhouse1706 Rittenhouse SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
Rittenhouse Plaza1901 Walnut StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
1902 Pine St1902 Pine StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
220 West Rittenhouse Square220 West Rittenhouse SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
Rittenhouse Place275 South 19th StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
The Barclay237 South 18th StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
The Residences at the Ritz Carlton1414 South Penn SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
1900 Rittenhouse1900 Rittenhouse SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
The Belgravia1811 Chestnut StreetCondosRittenhouse Square
The Rittenhouse Savoy1810 Rittenhouse SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
Academy House1420 Locust StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
LaRoque Condominiums1519 Pine StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
250 S. 17th St250 South 17th StreetCondosRittenhouse Square
The Coronado2201 Chestnut StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
1820 Rittenhouse1820 Rittenhouse SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
Palladium Condominium2138 Lombard StreetCondosRittenhouse Square
The Addison1531 Pine Street CondosRittenhouse Square
37 S. 20th St37 South 20th StreetCondosRittenhouse Square
Mandeville Place2401 Walnut StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
ARIA the Condominium225 South 15th StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
2100 Delancey Place2100 Delancey PlaceCondoRittenhouse Square
Walnut Plaza Condominiums2135 Walnut StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
10 Rittenhouse10 Rittenhouse SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
Locust Point2429 Locust StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
1737 Chestnut1737 Chestnut StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
1830 Rittenhouse1830 Rittenhouse SquareCondoRittenhouse Square
The Lanesborough1601 Locust StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
23: A Condominium23 South 23rd StreetCondoRittenhouse Square
Bouvier Condominium258 South 3rd Street CondoSociety Hill
The Willings225 South 4th StreetCondoSociety Hill
Independence Place241 South 6th StreetCondoSociety Hill
Abbotts Square Condominiums200–10 Lombard StreetCondoSociety Hill
The Lippincott227 South 6th StreetCondoSociety Hill
Saint James CourtSaint James CourtCondosSociety Hill
Society Hill Towers200 Locust StreetCondoSociety Hill
Penns Landing Square130 Spruce StreetCondosSociety Hill
The Villas at Packer Park2009 Capri DriveCondoSouth Philadelphia
Marine Club Condominiums1100 South Broad StreetCondoSouth Philadelphia
Rosa Courts 1312-22 Federal StreetCondoSouth Philadelphia
The Regency at Packer Park2021 Capri DriveCondoSouth Philadelphia
The Ayer210 West Washington SquareCondoWashington Square West
1352 Lofts1352 South StreetCondoWashington Square West
Furness Flats Condominium240 South 13th StreetCondoWashington Square West
Western Union Building1111 Locust StreetCondoWashington Square West
Center City One1326 Spruce StreetCondoWashington Square West
The Lenox250 South 13th StreetCondoWashington Square West
Hopkinson House604 South Washington SquareCondoWashington Square West
The Victory Building1011 Chestnut StreetCondoWashington Square West
The White Building105 South 12th StreetCondoWashington Square West
Washington Mews1110 Lombard StreetCondoWashington Square West
Strickland Row1008-20 Spruce StreetCondosWashington Square West
Le Grenier1034 Spruce StreetCondoWashington Square West
The Arts Condo1324 Locust StreetCondoWashington Square West
Lauren Condominium1335 Pine StreetCondosWashington Square West
220 West Washington Square220 West Washington SquareCondoWashington Square West
Trump Tower Philadelphia709 Penn StreetCondoDelaware Avenue
The Residences at Dockside717 South Columbus Blvd.CondoDelaware Avenue
Abbott's Court525 Fitzwater Stret
TownhomesQueen Village
Bank Building
421 Chestnut StreetCondoSociety Hill
Bella Vista Court
611-15 Catharine StreetTownhomesBella Vista
Blackwell Court
1-8 Blackwell PlTownhomesSociety Hill
Byrne Lofts
200 Lincoln AveCondosDowningtown
Cigar Factory Lofts
1147-53 North 4th StreetCondosNorthern Liberties
Corinthian Condominiums
190 Presidential BlvdCondosBala Cynwyd
Delmar Heights251-269 Delmar StTownhomesManayunk
Duck Flats
818 North 4th StreetCondosNorthern Liberties
Fairmount Court800-14 North 24th StreetTownhomesArt Musuem Area
Fitler's Walk212-24 South 24th StreetCondosFitler Square
Foundry Court718 North 4th StreetTownhomesNorthern Liberties
Green Lane Commons222-228 Green LaneTownhomesManayunk
King's Court2130-2140 Race StreetTownhomesLogan Square
Liberty Court204-34 Gaskill StreetTownhomesSociety HIll
Lofts@209209 Cuthbert StreetCondosOld City
Metro Lofts314 Brown StreetCondosNorthern Liberties
Milk Depot2042-46 Amber StreetCondosFishtown
Penn Center House1900 JFK BlvdCo-opLogan Suqare
Philips Court212-230 Lombard StreetTownhomesSociety HIll
Pier 5 Condominiums7 NColumbus BlvdCondosDelaware Avenue
Rittenhouse hotel210 W Rittenhouse Sq.CondosRittenhouse Square
Rittenhouse Savoy1806-18 Rittenhouse SqCondosRittenhouse Square
Shannon Village214-30 North 22nd StreetCondosLogans Square
Siena PlacePacker ParkTownhomesSouth Philly
Smythe House101 Arch StreetCondosOld City
Spring Arts Point918-34 Mount Vernon StTownhomesSpring Arts
Sunshine Court524-34 Christian StreetTownhomesQueen Village
The Aria1425 Locust StreetCondos
The ArtisanBroad St + Bainbridge StTownhomesGraduate Hospital
The Candy Factory1125 East Columbia AveCondosFishtown
The Cliff255-261 Leverington AveTownhomesManayunk
The Lombard Estates1803-29 Lombard StreetTownhomesRittenhouse Square
The Nine Fishtown1702-1718 Tulip StreetTownhomesFishtown
The Stables219-223 W George StreetTownhomesNorthern Liberteis
Weccacoe Flats817-19 South 5th StreetCondosQueen Village


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