Condos are better than townhomes. Here are 8 reasons why.

One of the biggest purchases and decisions of your life is buying your first home. When deciding between buying a Philadelphia condo and a townhome, there are many options to consider: for example, space, price, location, condo fees and amenities. Both townhomes and condos are popular choices for the first-time Philadelphia buyer, who either craves proximity to Center City or isn’t ready for the responsibilities that comes with owning a standalone home. Condos provide an attractive lifestyle to the prospective buyer, and can really make life a lot easier if you’re willing to sacrifice some space and a little privacy. So without further ado, here are 8 reasons why owning Philadelphia Condos are better than owning a townhome.

1.) Availability

This is simply a numbers game: there are more condominiums available in Philly than townhomes, so you are more likely to find the perfect place to live in your desired location. More condos are constantly being built as the city of Philadelphia continues to thrive, so there’s no reason to settle on a place that doesn’t fit every one of your needs.

2.) Parking

It’s impossible to live in Philly without confronting the parking issue. Many condo associations have parking lots and garages attached to the building, which makes it a lot easier and saves time looking for those hard to find street spots. This may seem like a quibble to those out-of-town, but once you have lived the uniquely frustrating experience of owning a car in a big city, you will understand that #thestruggleisreal!

3.) Amenities

Philly condos generally offer a host of amenities that make condo life more attractive. Having a fitness center right in the building is convenient, less expensive than having a gym membership and will make you want to work out more since you never have to leave the building! Then there are the luxury buildings that have rooftop pools and sunning decks. People pay good money for memberships to local pools in the broiling Philly summer, especially in Center City where there are limited public amenities. Other condo perks include doormen for 24/7 security, and possibly even car service!

4.) Space

Most condos are laid out across only one story, making it easier for families, elderly people and those with bad knees who don’t want to run up and down 3 flights of stairs. This is obviously not the case with townhomes. Who wants to run up and down a few flights when you forget your cell phone on the nightstand?

5.) Elevators

High rise buildings have elevators! What this means in practical life is that, when you have 9 bags of groceries, you can bring them inside with no hassle using a shared cart that most doormen provide. This is also a plus when moving in and out of the building since most associations let you reserve the elevator without waiting. If you have a baby, you’ll also be able to bring them peacefully up to the door, and some buildings even have stroller parking in the lobby!

6.) Security

The security of having a doorman on site puts your mind at ease, knowing that someone is downstairs checking IDs of all guests that come into the building.  Sometimes they will even help you call a taxi, so you don’t have to walk outside in the heat or cold to hail one. The doorman can even sign for your packages while you’re at work and keep them safe for you until you return home, so there’s no need to worry about that Amazon Prime holiday delivery!

7.) Maintenance

Most condos employ maintenance crews to assist with small issues that can range from a clogged toilet to a pilot light that has gone out. Some buildings have a 24 hour hotline you can call with any emergency situations, giving you precious peace of mind that you won’t be stuck with middle-of-the-night disasters. Most condos have monthly fees for upkeep of the common property, which makes its easier on the homeowner since they won’t be spending all week-end gardening or shoveling snow. The work is done for you.

8.) Utilities

And finally, one of the best reasons that owning a condo rocks is because most association fees include water/sewer, trash removal, snow/lawn care, outside maintenance and hazard insurance and, if you’re lucky, some utilities such as heat or electric, which can save time and headaches paying multiple bills. It can be an “all inclusive” experience.

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