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August 15, 2014

Weekend Open House Roundup 8/16-8/17: Living Like Royalty in Queen Village

I always love popping over to Queen Village for some open house listings, because the homes are so tremendously original and uniquely historic there. Not only is today’s batch no exception, but I’d venture to say that these listings are some of the prettiest and most interesting of any I’ve ever profiled for open houses in this area! If you […]
August 8, 2014

Weekend Open House Roundup: It’s Hip In the Square

Oh, Rittenhouse Square! It’s always a pleasure honing in on this neighborhood, because who doesn’t love the best? Center City’s hottest nabe is packed full of gorgeous real estate, and the homes I’ve sampled for this week’s open house roundup are no exception. If you are looking for your next Center City home, take a look at these homes having […]
July 25, 2014

Weekend Open House Roundup 7/26-27: There’s No Place Like Old City

All of the homes in this weekend’s open house roundup are in Old City, not too far from the river. The most historic mile in America is an amazing place to live, one full of homes bursting with character and charm. You’ve got the Liberty Bell, Penn’s Landing, Elfreth’s Alley, and any amount of other cool stuff, including awesome nightlife […]
July 11, 2014

Weekend Open House Roundup: Make Some Noise for Northeast Center City

1.) 1215-21 Wood St #6 1/1, 1,675 square feet $369,900 Open: Sunday July 13rd, 11:00am to 1:00pm Exposed brick, floating stairs in a loft with 14′ ceilings? Yes, please! With a roof deck and parking, you’ll feel like you have the coolest nest in the Loft District. The fact that this nest is close to the planned viaduct park is […]
June 20, 2014

Weekend Open House Roundup (6/21 – 22): I Wanna Be a Millionaire

I normally theme these roundups around a certain neighborhood, but this one’s going to be different. I’m not even going to mince words – I felt like looking at some pictures of fancy houses, and so that’s what I did! All the listings I scooped for this weekend’s open house list are in the seven-figure ballpark, either just above or […]
June 13, 2014

Weekend Open House Roundup (6/13) – NoLibs, No Problems!

As befits an open house roundup for the penultimate weekend of spring, I’m good and twitterpated. What, you may ask, has my heart all a’flutter? It’s these Northern Liberties townhomes! That’s not even dopey, kissy-faced real estate copy, my friends – these homes are really all that and more. Slip away from the celebrations of dads ‘n’ grads this weekend […]
June 6, 2014

Weekend Open House Roundup: In the Grad Hospital Groove

Graduate Hospital has been topping lists of Center City’s hottest up-and-coming neighborhoods for the better part of the last decade. If that sounds like a long time to stay the freshest thing in town, know that it’s because G.Ho just keeps getting more popular! Hip, happening, and inhabited by an eclectic group of residents passionate about continued development, Grad Hospital […]
May 30, 2014

Weekend Open House Roundup: All Over Old City

Today, we’re talking Old City. I adore the unconventional elegance of the homes located in this historic nabe by the river, and I’m beyond excited to show you four properties for sale that you can go visit on Sunday during their respective open house periods. First up is 109 Church St #4. Nestled among the cobblestoned road between Front and […]
May 16, 2014

Weekend Open House Roundup: Say “Welcome Home!” to WashSquare West!

The “It Factor:” there’s no easily quantifiable explanation, but certain things in life are more hip, au courant, and exciting than others. One of Center City’s artsiest, funkiest, and most exciting neighborhoods, Washington Square West has “it” going on in spades. WashSquare West crams gorgeous historic homes, ultra-trendy shops and eats, Antique Row, and the Gayborhood into just 25 hex […]