March 3, 2014

…Because You Needed One More List of Reasons Why Philly Rocks

While we’re all “enjoying” the latest coming of the ‘14 Snowpocalypse, I figured maybe it was time for a bit of a pick-me-up. The weather might suck, but we’ve still got it really good over here in Philly. The fine folks at HuffPo certainly think so, anyway. Over the weekend they published “31 Reasons Philadelphia Is The Most Underrated City […]
February 28, 2014

Real Estate to #realestate: Bringing the Home Hunt to Social Media

Like most women in my age bracket, I’ve got a Pinterest account. I personally don’t use it much, but I log on occasionally to peek in on the boards of friends I follow. Amid all the mason jar handicraft tutorials, faux-rustic wedding ideas, and Oreo-brownie-cookie hybrid recipes, there’s a growing trend – and it’s one that homebuyers and -sellers can […]
February 27, 2014

The OFFICIAL Best Pizza in Philadelphia List

Was anyone else outraged by that bush league Best Pizza in Philly list that VisitPhilly put out recently? It’s so bad that I refuse to link to it and judging from the restaurants selected it was probably written by some undergraduate English major who still lives in Jersey with his or her parents. I was so moved by how poor […]
February 27, 2014

Inspiration Is In Bloom at the Philadelphia Flower Show!

The world’s largest indoor flower show is scheduled to bloom this weekend! Celebrating its 185th year, the Philadelphia Flower Show is a much bigger deal than the uninitiated might assume. No dull roundup of wallflowers and dusty Latin nametags, this – the PHS is all about the fanciful, the wild, the opulent, and the romantic Just as artists have drawn […]
February 24, 2014

Five Philly Gyms with Fun Fitness Classes

We all know that exercise is a necessary evil, and for some of us, there’s a big emphasis on the “evil.” The thought of partaking in the Broad Street Run is torturous and we’d rather die than enter that CrossFit building. Luckily, Philadelphia is the place to be if you want to take some fitness classes that make exercise seem […]
February 24, 2014

Huge Price Cut For Huge Home!

The city’s 2nd-most-expensive listing just took a significant price cut. Sixteen percent sounds modest enough, but what if we told you that amounted to over a million bucks in this case? Craziness. This ultra-swank manse at 1901 Delancey Place was initially listed last June, hitting the MLS with a cool $8mil pricetag. To be fair, potential buyers are getting a […]
February 21, 2014

Philly Runners Can Get Their Sweat On at Upcoming Events

Who doesn’t love to run? Something about the combination of sweat, sore muscles, cold air stinging your face… okay, true confession time: I don’t actually love it. I run anyway, because it’s amazing exercise, but running and I are definitely on a “frenemy” basis. Whether you are a diehard, marathon-trainin’, heart-pumpin’ speed machine or a huffing, puffing masochist who likes […]
February 19, 2014

Instacart Banks on Busy Lives and Bad Weather As It Expands Grocery Delivery Into Philly

Let’s talk for a moment about grocery shopping and how not fun, easy, or convenient it is. In the wintertime, multiply the not-fun, not-easy, and not-convenient by a factor of… let’s say, twenty, and you have perhaps the most onerous and discouraging task on your to-do list. If you work unorthodox hours or have kids in tow, the ostensibly simple […]
February 17, 2014

Green Living in Philly: Thinking Big, Going Small

The conundrum of greener living in Philadelphia is the same one faced by big cities the world over: how exactly do we go about balancing the traditional components of a green home with the limited space available? City dwellers who value proximity to work or school want more environmentally-friendly options, but designers and architects face different challenges when confined to […]
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