Top Sanctuaries for Nursing/Pumping Moms in Philadelphia


Unless you have been a breastfeeding mom in a big city with a nursling in the stroller (or being worn on your chest/back), it can be hard to understand how real is the struggle. Nursing in public is totally legal – louder for the prudes and misogynists in the back… TOTALLY LEGAL – but it isn’t necessarily the right choice for every mom and baby. First of all, not all women are comfy with popping a boob out in public, even if they have one of those oppressive apron-like nursing covers. Secondly, some little ones are easily distracted and would be forever popping on and off if they were stimulated by passing crowds, traffic, and ambient city noise. And then there are moms who are either in town for work or taking a vacay without the babe, and have to pump. Having to sit on a toilet in a dingy bathroom to produce your child’s food is. not. okay.

Luckily, there are some great spots throughout the City of Brotherly Love for breastfeeding moms on the go, whether with or without baby.


Independence Visitor Center

If you are taking in the historic landmarks on any Old City tour, you may wonder what to do if your little one gets hungry in between admiring the crack in the Liberty Bell and checking out Betsy Ross’ house. Luckily, there is a sparkling-clean, pristine room for nursing and pumping mamas located at the Visitor Center. To access the mothers’ center, just go to the desk and request the code. Inside, you’ll find snuggly seating, a changing table, and even room for you to stash your stroller if you are on your own. It is conveniently close to the women’s restrooms.


Please Touch Museum

This kid-friendly museum is on every local and visiting family’s to-do list when visiting Center City with wee ones. Right now, the Alice-themed Wonderland exhibit is at the hottest toddler ticket in town! Appropriately, there are accommodations in place for moms and babies to take a time-out and nurse quietly. The private nursing room is situated on the lower level near the restrooms, and features seating so that mama can take a load off.


Franklin Institute

The must-see destination for your little whiz kids, this science-focused museum is another Philadelphia family hotspot for both visitors and locals. Twelve permanent exhibits introduce kids of all ages to practical science on topics ranging from the human heart to how trains work. Currently, a Marvel superheroes exhibit is in place, and sure to capture the imagination of your littlest nerd! Nursing moms can feed their babies or pump in peace in the nursing lounge located down the first-floor hallway adjacent to the planetarium. Just stop by the information desk to gain access.


Philadelphia Zoo

The zoo is among THE best places in Philly for families to have a great time! Covering an impressive 45 acres, it’s definitely more than you can see in just one day, and has endless repeat-visit appeal. That’s a big park around which to truck a thirsty baby, however. Luckily, there is a designated areas for nursing moms located, appropriately, near the Kids’ Zoo, inside the Rare Animal Conservation Center. In all weather but the coolest, I recommend visiting multiple times to make sure your little one stays cool and happy.


Citizens Bank Park

Take me out to the ballgame? Absolutely, when things are made this easy for moms of little ones. No worries about taking the whole family to see the Phillies run bases when there is a comfortable, modern lactation room on the main concourse in section 123. A new addition to the stadium, moms won’t have to miss a moment of the action thanks to wall-mounted TVs in the lounge, which also features a comfy couch, a sink, and multiple outlets so that you can recharge your devices while also catching your breath.


Philadelphia Museum of Art

Did you play “Eye of the Tiger” for your little champions as they scaled the Rocky steps? The Art Museum is a beloved Philadelphia fixture, and a great place to take your family if you want to expose your little ones to fine art at an early stage. In between explaining masterpieces to your grade schooler, take a break with baby at the Mamava lactation suite. Located on the first floor, it is fully ADA-accessible and tricked out with dual outlets, USB charging ports, grab bars, and even adult coloring books for mothers to decompress while they feed their little ones. Note that Mamava also has two suites at the Philadelphia Convention Center as well.


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