Our beloved Philadelphia Eagles may have been eliminated from Super Bowl contention on Wildcard Weekend, but this year you won’t have to wait the ages until August to see your favorite NFL team back on the field. Premiering February 7th, five days after Super Bowl LIV (49ers/Packers vs. Titans/Chiefs), Amazon Prime’s “All or Nothing” series takes a look at one team in depth, following them all season through good times and bad. This year, the team selected by Amazon was the Eagles.

The promo for the new season, freshly released, shows quarterback Carson Wentz giving his teammates a motivational speech in the tunnel before taking the field. Only a few seconds long, the teaser gives us a quick look at what we can expect from the show: dramatic moments, scenes from daily life, team strategy, and the ins and outs of a 9-7 season that was so turbulent, fans swung from elation to despair on a weekly basis. Re-experience the thrills that made this season great: the heart-stopping week 16 and 17 wins to clinch the foundering NFC East division, that critical moment where Wentz was taken out by a questionable blow to the head by Clowney, and the heart-rending moment when all was lost in the wildcard round. See the depth of injuries that plagued the team this season, with the Eagles ultimately losing all three top receivers.

The new season airing in February is a treat for fans, who normally don’t see the finished product until April or May. The eight-episode series will be narrated by Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame. Previous seasons of “All or Nothing” have highlighted 2015 Arizona Cardinals, the 2016 Los Angeles Rams, the 2017 Dallas Cowboys, and the 2018 Carolina Panthers.

Eagles president Don Smolenski explained that they were not asked for their participation, but took the filming in stride regardless:

“These shows provide content to the fans. All fans, not just fans of a particular team. It gives some insight into what it’s like to go through a season. it’s appealing to a broader audience of fans,” Smolenski told the Daily News. “So, in terms of when the league selected us, it’s kind of like the schedule. It is what it is, and you deal with it and make the best of it. Just like we made the best of being on the road for three games in a row in October.”

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