1. It’s the birthplace of America. There’s history everywhere.
  2. The Liberty Bell, in all its cracked glory, can be found here.
  3. You can check out Betsy Ross’s house and educate yourself on the debate over whether she actually sewed the first American flag.
  4. See the Declaration of Independence! Most of the other major American historical documents are in D.C., but to see the one that started it all, you have to go to Philly.
  5. The statue of William Penn – the guy after whom the state is named, and the founder and designer/surveyor of Philadelphia – atop City Hall is a classic. There was a former “gentlemen’s agreement” that nothing would be built taller than it.


Cool Places to Visit

  1. The Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest zoo in the United States, and is fun for the whole family.
  2. The Museum of Art is not only home to countless masterpieces beyond value, but it is also the home of the “Rocky Steps.” Go take a selfie with the champ and blast “Eye of the Tiger” on your phone.
  3. Love Park is home to one of the famous “LOVE” statues, as the name implies. This is another great spot to take a few snaps for the ‘Gram.
  4. The Mutter Museum of Medical Oddities is the creepiest, coolest place you’ve never heard of. Check out life casts and preserved specimens of all manner of birth defects and natural curiosities.
  5. . At Eastern State Penitentiary, an abandoned but preserved prison, you can see the cell where Al Capone was held. They have ghost tours around Halloween as well!



  1. Uh, can you say “cheesesteak?” Whether you favor Pat’s or Geno’s, or one of the less-famous but equally-delicious offerings from the hundreds of steak joints throughout the city, you’ll know with every greasy, gooey bite that you are tasting the real deal. Wit’ or wit’out?
  2. While you are here, stop and have a “wooder ice,” also known as a water ice. This is the local parlance for Italian ice or shave ice. With the summer heat coming, could there be anything more refreshing?
  3. PRETZELSSSSSS. You may think you’ve had some good pretzels before, but Philadelphia put the soft, salty pretzel on the map. Dip it in some nacho cheese or, for the purists out there, ground mustard.
  4. Tastykakes. This competitor to Little Debbie and Hostess is a Philly tradition. Get thyself to the nearest grocery store and fill your cart. You’ll want to bring them home with you.
  5. And of course, we can’t forget that quintessential Philadelphia-born institution, Wawa. The convenience store has spread all down the East Coast, as well as elsewhere, but you’ll never find the same love that Philadelphia has for it. Hoagies, frozen hot chocolate, donuts, the best coffee around… Wawa is love; Wawa is life.
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