A Philly – Pittsburgh Hyperloop: Could it Happen?

Elon Musk’s hyperloop technology has startled the world with the amazing possibilities for transportation that it could open up if implemented in reality. Getting from Philly to Pittsburgh currently takes five hours by car, but can you imagine having a craving for shitty beer, a bad football team helmed by a sex offender, and subpar chicken wings, and having that dream realized in thirty short minutes? That could be a reality if a hyperloop was built between the two Pennsylvania cities. Passengers would board pods that travel through underground tunnels at speeds that average seven hundred miles per hour. It’s a big “what if” for now, but the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has awarded a $2 million contract to review the idea.


Want to Become an Eagles Cheerleader?

Ever dream of holding the ultimate fan position: a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader? Now is your chance to make that fantasy a reality. The cheer squad is holding open tryouts for “brand ambassadors” for the NFL team. Eagles cheerleaders must be at least eighteen, able to dance, and willing to look their best. Cheerleader duties include cheering at every Eagles home game, making appearances on national TV, participating in photoshoots, and more. The tryout is March 23rd. Apply and find out more details here.


Do E-scooters Belong in the Streets?

Electric scooters, which look like your typical Razor metal scooter but are capable of going up to 15 miles per hour, may soon be allowed on Philadelphia streets. Right now, e-scooters exist in legal limbo where they cannot be driven on the street or on the sidewalk since they are classified as motor vehicles, but aren’t licensed or registered. The City Council is entertaining a proposal to make e-scooters street legal (in bicycle lanes) since they are a safe, clean new form of transportation that could alleviate some traffic congestion.

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