Oh, Nick Foles. We’re (I’m) gonna miss you.

As expected, the Eagles did not attach a franchise tag to their famous backup quarterback, who swept in two years in a row during hopeless seasons to bring the team to the playoffs – and, last year, to the Super Bowl. Everyone knows that, since the Eagles have faith in their franchise quarterback Carson Wentz – let it be said that I do not – and with Foles’ contract coming to an end, that it was time to let BDN fly to greater heights. These heights, obviously, include a starting QB position.

There has been plenty of speculation about where Foles will end up. Some of his suitors included division rivals, like the Giants. Foles signing with that team would be potentially disastrous for the Eagles, as they play rivals multiple times a year, and in doing so, Foles might prove what everyone is thinking – that Wentz couldn’t stand up to his understudy.

But, as it turns out, the most likely landing place for Foles will be Florida. The Jaguars are reportedly ready to sign Foles as their starting QB when the free agency period starts on March 13th. Foles will face an uphill climb back into the playoffs with Jacksonville, who are infamous for their terrible offense despite having a sturdy defense. It would likely take more than one quarterback could do to change that team’s trajectory. This would be a good thing for the Eagles, who aren’t slated to play the Jaguars again until 2022, unless they meet in the Superbowl… again, unlikely.

I personally would like to see Foles shine on a winning team, but I suppose that finally stepping up to starting quarterback is probably a dream of his, and it’s time for that to happen in his career. On the other hand, let’s see if Wentz can keep himself uninjured long enough to drag the Eagles back into the big time this fall. You already know my thoughts on the matter.

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