Hot take of 2019, right?

Here in Philly we may not be experiencing the life-threatening freezes that people in the Midwest are dealing with, but the fact remains that it has been super f’ing cold since yesterday, and things aren’t likely to get much better until the weekend.

Yesterday, Philadelphia broke a record for the coldest temperature on that date in history, with the mercury dipping to six measly degrees, down from a 71-year-old record of eight degrees that was set back just after World War 2. The rest of Pennsylvania is feeling the chill as well. Early this morning, before sunup, temperatures in Philly bottomed out at 6 degrees, Allentown and parts of the Lehigh Valley dropped to around minus-3 degrees and the Poconos even feel to as low as minus-10 before the warming rays of sunrise started to slightly thaw things out. The wind chill is the killer, however, with some experts putting today’s “feels like” temperature at -30 degrees! The cold today belies the bright sunshine, which is doing nothing for the thermometer.

In fact, we could set another record before the day is through. The highs today in the Philly area are likely to stay in the teens, with a forecast high temperature of only 17 degrees. If this is in fact the case, it would break the record cold high daytime temperature for the City of Brotherly Love, a bar that was set in 1935 with a low of 21 degrees. Like I said: F’ING COLD.

Surprisingly, we are not forecasted to receive very much snow from these arctic depths of temperature. The highest probability for snow takes place tomorrow, and even then, we are only talking about a mild dusting or up to a couple of inches.

Look for the weather to warm up this weekend, just in time for a toasty 40-something degrees during your Super Bowl watch party.

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