What will the future bring for Philly's Nick Foles?

As America gears up for the Super Bowl, some football fans are gnashing their teeth (KC Mahomies, the entire Saints Nation), while others are anxiously anticipating the big game. As someone born-and-bred into a Patriots family, I am aware of the fact that 99% of NFL fans are praying for the Rams to take Tom Brady – aka the GOAT – down a peg, and deny him a sixth championship ring. Meanwhile, the off-season has begun for the other 30 teams in the League, and speculation about drafts, contracts, trades, and free agency are running rampant.

Here in Philadelphia, the biggest question on every Eagles fan’s mind is: what will happen to Nick Foles? Call him what you want (I prefer “BDN,” as y’all know), but the man has been the team’s savior for two years running, sweeping the Eagles out of a likely losing season and dragging them into the playoffs. In 2017, the Foles train ran all the way to the Super Bowl, and beating the Brady Machine. This year, they ended their run after a respectable win in the wildcard round. There’s no doubt that he’s established himself as a skilled QB, good in the clutch, and with a keen eye. Frankly, he’s too good to be playing backup to anyone.

The Eagles have pretty much stated that they are pinning their future on Carson Wentz, and news is emerging that the team is planning to release him free and clear into the free agency pool. It may sound like a startling choice at first, but it really makes sense when you consider it. To pick up his option for 2019 will cost the team $20 million, and Foles will almost certainly void that deal, paying back only $2 million of that chunk. The Iggles don’t have the salary cap space for that. The Eagles won’t get a juicy trade out of the deal, but if Foles signs a big contract with another team, Philadelphia will at least score a coveted third-round draft pick as compensation.

All of Philly will be watching to see where Foles falls next season. One thing’s for certain – we’ll be saying goodbye with a heavy heart.

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