“Grim Philly” Brings that Halloween Feeling Year-‘Round


I was digging through the blog archives recently, and I came upon an oooooold post about Grim Philly and their raucous adult ghost tours. Nearly five years later, I found myself wondering… what are those guys getting up to these days?

Turns out that the last half-decade has been one of growth for Grim Philly, which now offers a tempting slew of tours both historical and spoopy, as well as themed bar crawls. All their activities are strictly for the 18+ crowd, meaning that you can expect bad words, naughty innuendo, and sensual distractions. Cool fact: as edgy as Grim Philly’s tours are, they are faithfully accurate in the historical sense, with all guides having at least a bachelor’s degree in history, with many serving day jobs as professors or museum curators.

The Vampires, Sex, and Ghosts! tour is a classic Grim Philly attraction. These Saturday night Center City tours serve up a mature mixture of saucy and scary. From the website: “This R-rated mature-audience ghost tour filled with irreverence and scandal traverses the paths from the Liberty Bell to Alexander Hamilton and George Washington’s’ homes. Every guide has a history degree. Most are professors. Language is strong. Topics broach vampires, paranormal hauntings, the undead, revolutionary era heists, and sex in 1776.”

If you are interested in exploring Philly’s dark underbelly at sites that are off the historical mile, you’ll want to check out their Witches and Ghosts tour, where you can explore dank abandoned graveyards, the sites of witch hunts, and lore about the surprisingly malicious ghost of historical American sweetheart Betsy Ross.

There are some fantastic pub crawls as well, including one themed around Prohibition-era Philadelphia (if you’ve seen Boardwalk Empire, you already know that the law did pretty much nothing to slow the flow of booze into the City of Brotherly Love), and another that combines ghost hunting and imbibing, taking place only in the summer and fall.

For info about upcoming special events, check out the Grim Philly website.

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