For those who love the feel of New York City-esque loft dwellings, the “Loft District” of Center City just may hold a place in your heart. Most of the buildings that house these condos were former warehouses or industrial buildings that were redeveloped for residential use, but retain their open, airy feel. The neighborhood nickname comes from the fact that, at some point in history, there were SO MANY of these loft conversions sprouting up that they became the focal point of the area. Looking to fall in love with the Loft District? Take a look at some of our favorite condos in the area.

1. Beaux Arts Lofts

Address: 1238 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Inside Scoop: Don’t be fooled (as many have before) by the cramped, unimpressive lobby of the Condos at Beaux Arts and assume that the units are likewise unattractive. In reality, the lofts are spacious, drenched in natural light, and offered in several unique layouts that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the city. Finish quality is above average and a few of the combined units, in which the owner purchased two adjacent condos and turned them into one larger unit, are simply remarkable. High ceilings, concrete columns, huge windows, multi level rooms, exposed ducts – this building really has it all if you love the industrial look, and, to top it off, the manicured, green-area, shared roof deck is magnificent.


2. 428 North 13th Street

Address: 428 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Inside Scoop: Once upon a time, this building was wasting away as a storage place for old film. After some major reconstruction, it has been rechristened as modern day loft condos that give that magnificent industrial feel that attracts people to the Loft District. This building has everything you’d expect to see: large wooden support columns, exposed ductwork, exposed and enormous joists, and even some things you might not expect to see: studio apartment-sized storage vaults with locks (like a bank vault) in individual units. This is definitely a building for those who love the offbeat, and it’s a guarantee that your home will never lack for character.


3. 429 North 13th Street

Address: 429 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Inside Scoop: This is another redeveloped warehouse that gained new life as a condo building. It does not boast the high-end finish that graces a lot of the neighboring buildings, but that fact also makes this place a great value. Units are large and very spacious, but again, the building doesn’t offer much in terms of amenities with the exception of nearby Café Lift which is an amazing little breakfast/brunch spot that has without question the best breakfast burrito in town. If you are looking for a solid, respectable home in the city and don’t care that it’s light on the flash, this place is definitely worth taking a peep.


4. 511 Condominium Residences

Address: 511 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Inside Scoop: Keep your eyes open wide when searching for Loft District condos, because units rarely become available in this building. Owners can expect high ceilings and an overall light, airy feeling, a doorman, and the convenience that this part of town is known for. Access on the recently-developed North Broad Street is an added bonus. If you can get your hands on one, these condos offer great value given square footage and location for the young professional moving into Center City.


5. Old Shoe Factory Lofts

Address: 314 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Inside Scoop: Nice building with a huge lobby and more modern finishes and features than some of the Shoe Factory’s Loft District counterparts. Lots of stainless-steel kitchens, jacuzzi tubs, and other high-end features in these units, which are popular with Phillies players and other City of Brotherly Love luminaries. Lots of bang for your buck, NY loft feel, low condo fees and proximity to the recently renovated Goldtex building, which has been fitted out with abundant commercial space.


6. Arch Street Exchange

Address: 1230 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19123
Inside Scoop: Lots of space with really cool lofts. Not as nice as, say, 2200 Arch but definitely a traditional “New York style” loft feel. Very industrial in scope and definitely consistent with the feel of all of the other Loft District buildings. Nice finishes (among the nicest of the Loft District condos), large condos with very high 12-15” ceilings, large 8’+ windows, and some units have private roof decks. This building is another phenomenal value for the discerning buyer.

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