The Eagles are trying to "steal" the playoffs.

Above: actual surveillance image of Nick Foles at work 😉

Last year, it was Crisco and dog masks. This year, it’s the ski mask. The new symbol of the Eagles Nation’s playoff hopes comes in the form of a menacing-looking balaclava, like the kind that old-timey bank robbers wear. The ski masks are meant to show all and sundry that the Eagles are ready to “steal” a playoff seat by any means necessary, a feat that became something actually viable after they unexpectedly stuck it to the Los Angeles Rams this past Sunday.

“It’s kind of been motivating the guys. It’s just a mentality we’ve been having. When we go out there, we put the mask on. We’re out there for business, and to take what’s ours. If that means getting wins, if that means taking the ball, making plays, anytime someone makes a turnover they put the mask on. We say it’s robbing season. It’s thievery. Hopefully the fans come out next week and wear the masks with us in the stands. That’d be cool. It’s just something to motivate us as a defense, and the entire team. Guys are kind of rallying behind it, and you see us making plays these last two weeks, so it’s working.” (Rodney McLeod)

The Eagles did in fact force three turnovers against the Rams, so maybe the boys are on to something! Fans are cheered by the presence of last year’s Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, the backup quarterback who started this past week since Carson Wentz is on the injury report with back pain. It wasn’t planned, but Foles swept in to drive the team forward at approximately the same time he did last year, and we all know how that went down. Foles is considered something of a good luck charm.

A quick look says that you can buy a plain black ski mask for under ten bucks on Amazon. Let’s all behave with them on, k?


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