Is Carson Wentz's back injury a minor speedbump or a season-ending issue?

It seems that this is the season: for a second year in a row, it’s clutch time in the NFL regular season, and Eagles franchise quarterback Carson Wentz will be MIA. It was announced today that Wentz was on the injury list, and will not be starting this Sunday during the highly-anticipated matchup with the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams, at 11-2, are considered serious contenders for this year’s Super Bowl, while my beloved Eagles (sad to say) are trailing the Cowboys in their division with a lowly 6-7 record. A wild card playoff berth is possible, but with Wentz down and out, can Nick Foles make lightning strike twice in two consecutive seasons?

As for the longevity of Wentz’s injury, coach Doug Pederson is keeping things cagey:

“We’re going to rest him and continue to evaluate him and make sure he’s good,” Pederson said.

The team’s official line is that Foles has been told to prepare himself to start on Sunday, and that Wentz’s injuries are being assessed on a day-by-day basis. But there’s clearly some dirt that hasn’t been made public, because several football analysts and league insiders (including the NFL Network) are saying confidently that Wentz is out for the rest of 2018 with back problems that are much more severe than is officially being revealed.

What’s for certain is that the Eagles will be in good hands if Wentz can’t play for any amount of time. Their second-string QB, Nick Foles, is perhaps the most-qualified understudy in the whole league, having won Super Bowl MVP for his leadership of the Eagles towards an underdog win against the juggernaut of Tom Brady and the seemingly impervious New England Patriots. Eagles Nation loves and respects Foles, but team management has made it clear that Wentz is the face of the franchise.

Who else is going to be glued to the screen on Sunday to see David-figure Foles take on the “Goliath” Rams? I know I am!

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