Move Over, Vegas – Philadelphia is a “Sinful City”


Light a candle and say a prayer for the souls of Philadelphians - their city ranked eighth in WalletHub's survey of the most sinful cities in America.

Vegas has earned its title as “Sin City,” but people rarely think of Philadelphia as a bastion for sins. According to real estate aggregator WalletHub, however, the so-called City of Brotherly Love ranks eighth in the nation for evil deeds per capita. Who knew? WalletHub appraised several major US cities and ranked them on the basis of anger & hatred, jealousy, excesses & vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness. In other words, they covered the most of the Bible’s seven deadly sins. How did Philly stack up?

According to the Daily Pennsylvanian,

Philadelphia scored a WalletHub Vice Index of 51.23. The city ranked highest in “Anger & Hatred” and “Lust,” placing seventh and 13th respectively. In the remaining categories, Philly placed 15th in “Excesses & Vices,” 26th in “Vanity,” 27th in “Laziness,” 40th in “Greed,” and 53rd in “Jealousy.”

I personally found the ranking for “anger and hatred” hilarious, because I’ve been to an Eagles game. I’m pretty sure that throwing car batteries at your opponents is not an action sanctioned by the Lord, but what do I know? Turns out that, to get to that rating, WalletHub took into account eight criteria, including violent crimes per capita and hate-crime incidents per capita. The city’s annual amount of hate crimes doubled between 2016 and 2017, which is a sad fact.

As for lust, indicators included the number of “adult establishments” per square mile, as well as the number of city Tinder users. Philly is well known for the sheer volume of collegians it houses within city limits, many of whom are comely and pleasing to the eye. Business Insider ranked Penn as the Ivy school with the hottest coeds back in 2016, so there is a precedence for this sort of thing.

Naturally, Las Vegas took the top honor in the WalletHub list for most sinful city. Cities whose vices exceeded that of Philly’s were, in order, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Miami. Rounding out the top ten behind Philly were Chicago and Orlando. Jesus take the wheel, y’all.

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