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Here are the latest trends in luxury homes.

They say that some people are like magpies, obsessed with the shiniest and newest of everything. If you are well-off, attaining the latest trends gets a lot easier. Like clothing, cars, and iPhones, there are definite trends in real estate. For the hoi polloi, we may gratefully accept such luxuries as quartz countertops, floating shelves, and subway-tile backsplashes as totems of the sweet life and rest easily knowing that our home interiors are fashionable. But, for the wealthy homeowner, there are always most indulgent and extravagant trends that ceaselessly redefine the standards for comfortable living. The following are some notable trends in luxury real estate, just in case you have an abundant budget and are bulleting your wishlist.

Trend #1: The Ultimate Bathrooms

Your bathroom is probably the area of your house where you spend the least amount of time each day. Despite that, there is no reason why your WC need be any less luxurious than the rest of your abode. Today’s most opulent bathrooms are like miniature spas, with comforts so ridiculously over-the-top that you’ll never want to leave. It used to be the case that a luxe steam shower or enormous soaking tub were the standard for buyers seeking the best. Nowadays, smart home technology has revolutionized the experience. Imagine glass shower doors that turn opaque for privacy at the push of a button, or tiled floors with built-in radiant heaters that will warm your toes on winter mornings. Other bathroom must-haves? On-demand towel warmers, and mirrors that transform into LED TV screens so you never have to miss a moment of the morning news as you get ready for work.

Trend #2: A (Really) Smart Kitchen

Smart homes are the way of the future, and with the kitchen being the heart of the home, it stands to reason that a fully-kitted room for preparing and eating food should be high on your list. I’m talking about awesome technology like a cafe-quality espresso and coffee machine that you can control from bed with your phone. Your appliances should be plenty witty as well, with safeguards that will send alerts if you left the burners on, and displays that are hidden on pop-up backsplashes that you call on only when needed. Add in a bespoke French oven and a gorgeous, roomy island for meal prep, and you have a kitchen that will make the mundane tasks of cooking easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Trend #3: Dedicated Entertainment Space

Everyone wants extra space for when guests are over, of course. If you can afford it, however, you can take pampering your guests to the next level. It’s becoming increasingly popular for homeowners to delineate a set-apart space for entertaining. If you live in the suburbs and have enough land on which to build, this can take the form of an entirely separate building just for entertainment! Such a place would, of course, feature plenty of space for lounging and chatting, with a full kitchen so that you can serve the whole family a lavish holiday dinner. The only limits are your imagination, so choose your own adventure: a sleek cinema room that allows you to screen same-day releases in the comfort of your own home, personalized indoor sports courts, and guest suites that will make your visitors feel like royalty.

Trend #4: Homes that Heat and Cool Themselves

Old HVAC systems are so passe. Geothermal heating and cooling systems are the newest, most-desired, and most eco-friendly ways to heat and cool your castle. These systems can be as much as three times more efficient than standard HVAC units. They are also much lovelier, since the unslightly compressor and other components are contained underground. For maximum bang for the proverbial buck, owners of high-end abodes are also installing built-in generators so that, in the event of extreme weather, they don’t face a total loss of power. Yes, unfortunately, even the most bleeding-edge geothermal systems can’t fully stand up to a lightning storm.

Trend #5: A Home You Can Control in Your Hand

Smarthomes are the wave of the future. New technology has given us houses that we can manage using nothing but our trusty smartphones. Imagine setting the thermostat in your house as you get into your car after work, so it’s the optimum temperature for you when you come through the door. This is also the trend in home security systems, which allow you to control things no matter how far away you are. Smart-everything is the way of the future in real estate, and luxury buyers want it now.

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