Nine Months Post-Super Bowl, Philly Experiences Baby Boom


Super Bowl babies are currently being born in Philadelphia.

It’s a joke, but it’s one based in reality. Why are so many babies born in Florida nine months after hurricane season? (Answer: there’s nothing better to do for entertainment). What about the historic popularity of September as a birth month, nine months after the celebration-heavy winter holiday season? Why was my best friend’s daughter born almost nine months to the day after a tipsy Fourth of July? It’s human nature, baby. There have always been baby booms after significant world events, and the City of Brotherly Love is sure as heck living up to its name this November, nine months after the Philadelphia Eagles soared to victory in Super Bowl LII.

It’s a fact: there are a whole lot of game day celebration surprises popping up in local hospitals these days. The whole world saw footage of joy-crazed Philadelphians, swagged out in green and silver, partying in the streets, climbing light poles (even those that had been preemptively Crisco’d), and generally freaking out about the unlikely success of the underdog Eagles against Tom Brady and the mighty Patriots, who previously had been viewed as unstoppable. It seems that some folks continued the celebration at home. 😉

Ali Gorman, a Philly R.N. (registered nurse) was filmed for abc6 talking about “Super Bowl babies.” Featured in a short video are the Costelli family, who recently became a party of three with the birth of Layla Grace Foles Costelli. Dad Mario has the team logo tattooed on his calf and another of a Eagles player in action on his upper arm. He had to cajole his wife to add the surname of the Eagles’ triumphant backup quarterback to their daughter’s name, but he’s awfully happy with his new bundle of joy. Gorman said that area hospitals are reporting plenty of little Carsons (of both sexes) and Nicholas/Nicks showing up.

Right now the Eagles are struggling to get back on their feet following a post-championship slump, but a whole new generation of Philly fans is arriving in a wave.

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