Philadelphia Pride was an amazing experience, even if the weather didn't exactly cooperate.

After rain comes a rainbow… a fact that was serendipitously apropos for last weekend’s joyous, rain-soaked celebration of three decades of LGBT Pride in the City of Brotherly Love. Bedecked in glitter, unicorn horns, fairy wings, and tutus/tanks/tees/leggings striped with a riotous array of color, Philadelphia’s queer community and their allies walked in a parade and then partied at Penn’s Landing. Clouds loomed overhead and the skies grew dark, but it didn’t stop the loving, happy celebration from continuing.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Philadelphia held its first pride parade in 1972, a celebration that lapsed in subsequent years until 1988, when a parade from the gayborhood to LOVE Park led to a commitment to hold a gay pride parade and festival every June.”

Pride Day kicked off with a flamboyant 1.5 -mile parade from 13th and Locust Streets, past a judging stand at Independence Mall and down to Penn’s Landing. There, at 1:30, a party packed with food, drinks, dancing, and entertainment raged well into the nighttime hours.

“Just wanted to celebrate equality and I have some family members who are gay, and wanted to show my support,” said Paul Ludwig of Clayton to CBS Local.

Per CBS, “Ludwig said this is the first time he’s attended the event and called it an interesting experience.”

“For the most part, everyone is polite and friendly, good time,” said Ludwig.

The only downer were a circle of about a half-dozen protesters waving homophobic signs implying that the revelers were going to Hell. Their negativity was drowned out by the crowds, who made a physical barrier against the protesters with their bodies. Police said that there were no incidents that required their attention.

The parade was even attended by the Philadelphia 76ers, who showed out in tee shirts with their logo emblazoned in a neon rainbow print.

Everyone say “love” and “pride,” Philadelphia!

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