If there’s one thing Philadelphia loves (other than cheesesteaks, the Eagles, climbing streetlamps, and donuts), it’s Wawa. Even as a Florida native, I know that Wawa is amazing. Their sandwiches are bomb, their coffee is delish, and don’t get me started on the Sizzlis… they’re the best way to start a morning, as far as I’m concerned. Philadelphians worship on the altar of Wawa, and in turn, the Wawa gods – I guess that would mean corporate – have seen fit to bestow the City of Brotherly Love with a blessing. To wit, the world’s largest Wawa is coming to Old City.


The world’s largest Wawa is coming to Philadelphia. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

The company’s president and chief executive officer, Chris Gheysens, announced last week during the annual Wawa Day that an 11,000 square foot Wawa is coming to Sixth and Chestnut Streets, in the Public Ledger Building. Ground has already broken on the world’s largest Wawa, and it’s expected that the store will be ready for customers by the end of the year.

“We want to reach new audiences in every location. In the historic district, large groups can come in and take a moment to enjoy the space,” Wawa spokeswoman Lori Bruce told NBC Philadelphia. “We are so happy to have it in such an amazing and historic area in Philadelphia. It is going to be one of the best so far.”

The largest Wawa will contain all sorts of amenities, including couches and a cafe seating area. The whole store will have a sophisticated, upscale look and will boast a mural created by the Arts Program. Large interactive screens will also be placed throughout the store. The Old City Wawa will steal the title of the world’s largest Wawa from the location in Washington D.C. situated in the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District. At only 9,200 square feet, it will be dwarfed by the Philly behemoth.

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