Philadelphia is one of America’s most historical cities, it is the “Birthplace of America” after all.  Over time, as technology advances and society evolves, the city transforms and changes.  Buildings become obsolete or begin deteriorating and need to replaced.   Sometimes those old buildings are worth the cost of restoration to show future generations the history of our beautiful city.  Below, we’ve gathered 10 before and after photos to show the transition of Philadelphia.  Some photos show an old building replaced with a new one, other shows the growth of surrounding areas of a historical building.  It’s amazing to see how our ancestors lived and how different Philadelphia is today.  Prepare to be taken back in time with these 10 cool photos of Philadelphia!

1. Corner of Broad St. and Penn Square

Betz Building and One South Broad


2. Looking at City Hall from South Broad St.

City Hall from South Broad Street Philadelphia

Looking at City Hall from South Broad St. – 1900 vs. Today


3. Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts

Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts: Then and Now

Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts: 1900 vs. Today


4. Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple Philadelphia

The Masonic Temple on North Broad Street: 1905 vs. Today


5. Looking Down Market Street towards City Hall from 8th St.

City Hall down Market St.

Looking Down Market Street: 1905 vs. Today


6. Betsy Ross House

Betsy Ross House: Then and Now

Betsy Ross House: 1905 vs. Today


7. 10th and Chestnut

10th and Chestnut Philadelphia: Then and Now

10th and Chestnut: 1906 vs. Today


8. View Down Ben Franklin Parkway

Ben Franklin Parkway: Then and Now

Ben Franklin Parkway: 1931 vs. Today


9. Race Street Pier

Race Street Pier: Then and Now

Race Street Pier: 1931 vs. Today


10. Divine Lorraine Hotel

Divine Lorraine Hotel: Then and Now

Divine Lorraine: 1950 vs. Today