!Juice! (Home of the Virgin Cocktail) Coming to Graduate Hospital

!Juice! (Home of the Virgin Cocktail) Coming to Graduate Hospital

!Juice! Philadelphia

On November 16th a totally revolutionary concept in juice bars will appear when Fredda Kanterman unveils !Juice! her new juice bar and vegetarian café. !Juice! will be located in the commercial space that formerly was home to Betty’s Speakeasy at 2241 Gray’s Ferry Avenue, in Graduate Hospital.  What will make !Juice! so different you might wonder?

“In contrast to the typical juice bar at the back of the health food store, !Juice! will offer a hip lounge atmosphere for people who want to see and be seen” says Kantermann.

Kantermann has enlisted mixologist Amanda Juner (of Jet Wine Bar) and the results are incredible. The Mojito “is a  tantalizing mix of wheatgrass, coconut, and ginger” and the Almond Joyous is a smoothie blended from  “almond butter, coconut water/pulp, cocoa, and banana.”  Down the road you can expect sandwiches, salads and of course Juner’s collection of energy bars.

So let’s recap: 1) drinks served, in stemmed, expertly garnished, margarita glasses 2) simple to order menu and 3) world class service will make !Juice! truly one of a kind in Center City.  Oh and make sure not to miss opening day, juices and blends will be 50% off.

Bar and Café…home of the virgin cocktail
2241 Gray’s Ferry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19146
7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday
8am to 6pm, Saturday
9am to 5pm, Sunday