Mural Arts Exhitbit Opens November 15th At PAFA

Mural Arts Saves Lives, More Than Just A Painting

Philadelphia Mural Art

Philadelphia, also named “The City Of Murals“,  is known for its beautifully painted murals that cover thousands of buildings throughout the city. The City Of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2014, with over 3,000 murals painted thus far. The public art program was born in 1984 as the Anti-Graffiti Network, lead by muralist Jane Golden who truly believes and has seen first hand that art saves lives. The program  provided the ability for young artistic individuals to express their creativity and has become nationally recognized as the leader in arts in criminal justice,  offering educational programs in prisons using the power of art to stop crime and violence in the community.  The Mural Arts Program will be showcasing its work at The Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts for its first ever museum exhibit. The exhibit, titled “Beyond The Paint” opens November 15th in the Hamilton Building and will allow visitors to view the past 30 years of mural art, as well as whats to come in the future. The museum will have host the exhibit for 5 months. Admission ranges from $12 to $15 and members are free. You can also see the world’s largest outdoor public art display with a walking tour given by The Mural Arts Program. Tickets are available by telephone 215.925.3633, or in person at the Mural Arts Gift Shop located in The Gallery at Market East, on 9th and Market Street.

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