Condos in The Barclay Condominium

Originally The Barclay Hotel, this condominium is located at 237 S. 18th St. on the Southeast corner of Rittenhouse Square in Center City Philadelphia. Experience living at its very best.  In an age when elegance and tradition are fast fading into memory, there is a place where gracious living has been reborn.  The Barclay is the crown jewel of Rittenhouse Square.

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The Barclay Hotel is located at 237 S. 18th St. on the southeast corner of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA. Once the most famous hotel in the city and owned by John McShain, the millionaire Philadelphia builder who also owned the Lakes of Killarney in Ireland (1898–1989), it has since been converted to condominiums. The hotel opened in October 1929. The hotel was the site in 1980 of the FBI’s Abscam sting operation, which exposed corruption in government. Federal agents posing as Arab sheikhs rented a suite at The Barclay, where they solicited the help of local, state and federal officials. The narrator of Nicholson Baker’s novel The Fermata first discovers his ability to “freeze time” while staying at the Barclay Hotel as a child. The Barclay Prime steakhouse opened on the Hotel’s street level in 2004 and is famous for serving a $100 Philly Cheesesteak made from Kobe beef. (Wikipedia)

Barclay Prime is located on the first floor of historic The Barclay Building on the southeast corner of the Rittenhouse Square, and it takes its cues from the exquisite tradition of the building, which was originally erected as a luxury hotel in 1929. Best described as a “luxury boutique steakhouse,” Barclay Prime is the ideal contemporary destination for a space so steeped in glamorous old-world tradition. The Barclay restaurant’s Kobe beef burgers were recognized by the national press as one of the 20 burgers you should eat before you die. (Stephen Starr)