SEPTA Etiquette Guide

If you live in Philadelphia, chances are you’ve taken a ride on the fabulous SEPTA Transit System.  It’s probably safe to bet that, while on your commute, other passengers conduct has been annoying, intrusive, and downright disrespectful.  While Philadelphians aren’t necessarily famous for civility, much of the egregious behavior can be avoided with a few adjustments.  Of course there are the simple rules that were taught by your mother, such as being polite, not hogging seats, maintaining proper hygiene, and keeping conversations to respectful topics.  The majority of passengers are pleasant to ride with, however there are a few naughty passengers that need a refresher course.  For those in need, here are our Top 5 Etiquette Rules to the riders of SEPTA to remind you how to be a courteous and respectful commuter.

SEPTA Etiquette Guide - CenterCityTeam

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